My new favorite show

Just an example, but Rick and Morty is pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Especially when it gets all existential.

And yes, they did show how that came to pass.  It involved Cronenburg people (and yes, think of the weird shit in Videodrome and eXistenZ and you'll get an idea of what became of that particular reality, how it happened, well...).

Also, google "meeseeks," that'll give you a good idea of what this show is all about.


Twilight Zone

I really have a love-hate-hate relationship with Schenectady.  On one hand, (most of) the people are smarter than the generic hicks found elsewhere, on the other, they walk in the middle of the fucking street....but I digress.

Today is garbage day, which for me is not my favorite in the world--and I am somewhat prone to overreaction, which doesn't help matters.

I put this tv stand out to the curb a few hours ago.  It has three glass shelves, the topmost is permanently attached, but the other two are panes of tempered glass that sit on the shelf frames.  Here's a picture of it in its former habitat.

Note, it's only the tv stand, not all of the junk on it.

A few years ago, I recovered from "apartment mode" and realized that I could actually mount stuff directly to the wall, so I replaced it with this, pictured below.

Between these pictures is the incident where the television in the first was stolen in a robbery, and a significant upgrade in the audio department also happened.  The point is, now, the TV is mounted directly to the wall.

Or is it? (the point, not the fact the TV is mounted to the wall).  No the point is, as is likely to happen on garbage day in Schenectady, scavengers roam the neighborhood.  This does bother me somewhat, but only in the privacy dimension;  if I put something out to the curb, then I really believe that if somebody wants it, they can certainly take it.   Which is what happened.

Except, and now the Twilight Zone part; they took the frame, with the integrated top shelf, but they left the glass pieces that make up the middle and bottom shelves.  In its place, they left three green plastic deck chairs, seemingly in perfect condition.

Frankly, I hope they come back for them; it's no skin off my nuts if they take it away, since I'm throwing it out anyway, and they might as well have the whole thing.  And frankly, I'm pretty sure the chairs were left behind to make room for the entertainment center; I don't need them, so I'll leave everything as is

Bottom line: no harm, no foul.  Come back and get the missing shelves, and your chairs.

UPDATE:  They did indeed come back for the chairs.  Somebody certainly did anyway, because they were gone when I left for work this morning.   Glass shelves were still there though.


Because somebody on the internet posted a .gif of Austin Powers ripping (badly) off this scene:

One of the best movies ever made.


Good Summary

For the most part, I hate Salon.com.  Most of their authors peddle nothing but self-righeous specious arguments, like--to borrow from sadlyno--toddlers who reach into their pants, pull out a dingleberry or two, and dance around proudly before, your know, eating them...

But the exception is Amanda Marcotte, who ended up there after more or less establishing herself is a good blogger at pandagon.  She's rational, and unless he piece is one of those dog-awful interviews where they make absolutely no effort to differentiate between the interviewer and interviewee, she's quite insightful.

Blah blah blah, Howard Stern is insightful...She's not a broken clock....

Anywho, this summary of the past couple years of the Puppies and the Hugo Awards presents a very good overview of what's been going on between the alt-right, and some fairly obscure award in science-fiction literature.   There are more comprehensive pieces out there that really pick apart the phenomenon, and a piece or two of my own that rage against it in various degrees of effectiveness (or coherence), but this is pretty much the best single page summary of the issue I've seen so far.

On the bright side, the reactionaries are losing.  The art and new ideas are winning, race/gender/identity of the authors notwithstanding. Over the past few years I've read the Hugo winner for best novel, and I haven't been disappointed.  

Furthermore, the act of protesting against an alleged slate of award candidates chosen by identity politics, by presenting one's own slate of awards based one's own identity politics is pretty clearly the definition of hypocrisy, not to mention irony.

This is bad news.

VanCurler Music is shutting down.  It is literally the only place I'm aware of where they stocked actual sheet music (which, since I was a tuba major, and very involved in the high-school band/orchestra, was important to me).

And it didn't hurt that one of my mild high-school crushes worked there for a time.

I believe I bought this there, and since the link is Amazon, it kind of proves the point.  

That book was very tough, btw.



More of this

Though I'm very critical of the adversarial relationships police departments have fomented with their communities, I think it's helpful to call attention to those instances that go against the trend.

Such as this.

FRANKLIN, Ohio (AP) — A southwest Ohio police officer who bought a meal for a 7-year-old boy who authorities say was trying to sell a stuffed animal to buy food says he's surprised to get so much praise and even a marriage proposal.
The praise is well-deserved, I think.  Treat your community with respect, and you should be respected in return.   Just like in Wichita, this kind of display of humanity by the police can only improve the relations between police and the rest of us.

And to clarify: I'm not saying there should be more starving children out there trying to sell toys for food, but more compassion for the downtrodden shown by those in positions of authority.

Firecrackers: the silent killer.

I miss Phil Hartman.


FAIL! Black Hole Edition

The Washington Post can't help itself! Headline:

Are black holes really all that black? A new study supports Stephen Hawking’s theory.

A little deeper into it we have the lead in to a description of the experiment. 

Now, Jeff Steinhauer of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, said he has created an artificial black hole that produces Hawking's proposed glow. His study, which could provide the most convincing evidence for Hawking's theory to date, was published Monday in Nature Physics.

Oh really, tell me more...

Steinhauer – notorious for doing most of his work solo, which is unusual in the sciences – created a black hole analogue that pulls in sound the way black holes are thought to pull in light. Now Steinhauer reports that his model black hole still lets out particles.
FAIL!! (emphasis mine)

The problem here is sound is compression waves propagating through a medium, and light...isn't either of those things.

So basically, he pulled an experiment out of his ass, got a result similar to a completely unrelated theory, and said "AHA! What a genius I am!"

Sorry, but he might as well have devised an apparatus whereby a goat carcass is secured to a tree (to simulate "gravity that stuff can't escape from") and if he can still smell the putrid, rotting flesh alee from the setup, declare hawking radiation is real.


Does that seem right to you?

How is it that a video game titled Final Fantasy is gearing up to release the 14th sequel.  Does that seem right to you.