Astrology (Not an Endorsement)

Back in my mid-teens, the culturally-acceptable prepackaged societal outgroup I associated myself with included the wiccans, so there's a little of where I'm coming from here.

I've had a bit of exposure to astrology and tarot as a result and I want to focus a little on astrology now.

First and foremost, the idea that the position the sun rises relative to the stars has any sort of causal effect on a persons personality is utter bullshit.  Plain and simple.

That said, as a capricorn the description is eerily apt in many places.

A slightly less bullshit description might be that of my MBTI:  INTP

Now the Myers-Brigs type indicator is not without valid criticism, but at least the underlying theory is related to psychology.

I've found that understanding how I approach problems and understand the world has helped me communicate with those that differ from myself.  Mostly, though, it's the understanding that different fundamental innate approaches exist.  Sadly, it's easy to assume that everyone you deal with shares the same understanding of the world as you do, which is where a lot of social friction comes from.

Anyway, with this little bit of psychology in mind, it seems that when one of those astrology-love sites describes a pairing, they're really describing how two people with different outlooks and personalities might get along.  There might be some insight here, and again, it has absolutely nothing to do with the relative position of the sun and planets on your birthday. 

That and the people who leave comments on such sites are hilarious.

Funny I am a Capricorn Male married a Taurus woman.She was my everything my wife best friend lover my everything.Then after 20/21 years she left me said it was her not me .No idea what that means .
so when it says perfect match I now know it aint :(
Even tried dating other Taurus women and started to notice the same traits in them that she had .So I’m trying other start signs now I’ve moved on .
Just beware Capricorn men of these taurus ladies mine was a control freak !!

Maybe your grammar scared her away.  This next guy presents the Epimenides paradox (and besides, who solicits this kind of feedback from comments on an astrology website?)

I’m a hard core deceptive person, what should I do then????? Should I go ahead with a truthful match or someone like me will be a great pairing????????

I'd say go with the truthful one, then play out the scene from The Labyrinth with the doors.

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