Misreading the Tea Leaves

Hothardware link (not an endorsement of their site.  I run all manner of ad blockers and ghostry, so I have no idea what malware lurks behind the link).

Here's the funny part:

That's still quite a bit ahead of Windows 10, which is in second place with a 15.34 percent share of the [European] desktop OS market, but things are starting to trend in the right direction for Microsoft.

Things are playing out similarly in North America where Windows 7 is down to 41.6 percent. However, it's Mac OS X that's in second place at 18.21 percent, followed by Windows 10 at 12.44 percent.

Microsoft should be encouraged by these results, though it will be interesting to see how things play out in 2016, and especially late in the year when the free upgrade promotion comes to a screeching halt.

They can't even give it away!  This is not an encouraging result!  It's free.  Microsoft is cramming it down their customers throats, both accidentally and soon intentionally, and they can't even beat OSX in the North American market.   This is not a sign of success.  It's a sign that they've badly misread the market, and people really don't want to be data points for Microsoft's advertising business.

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