Alternate title:  Nesting
Alternate Alternate title: No wonder the terrorists hate us.

Feast your eyes on the home of the above.  It is exactly as bad as you might imagine from this one picture.  Here's the permalink.

Some highlights:

Nothing screams class like leopard-print anything!

 It looks like a little girl's princess-themed bedroom threw up in there.

Gott im Himmel!  That combination is a crime against nature.  This next one, I want to make very clear, I am not making fun of her weight...but
This one has it all:

  • Polished copper credenza: check
  • Well-upholstered homeowner: check
  • Three tacky objay darts mixing art-deco, mid-century modern, and whatever the hell that blue and white blob is supposed to represent: check.
In fact, the only thing here that isn't an utter abomination is this:
However, in its context, it's just bad.  Maybe with the right frame and white backing mat...

Now to prove I'm not just a critical philistine (or that I am, but at least I have enough sense to know that just because something clashes, it doesn't make the combination whimsical), here's my living room:

The florescent lights play hell with the color balance.   This next one is closer to the real color (less yellow-heavy, but a bit too much red):

EDIT:  For well executed whimsical clashing, see Olive Snook's apartment from Pushing Daisies:

(there are many other examples, Pushing Daisies is one of the most underrated shows of all time, but that's another post)

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