why am i doing this?

So why am I blogging?

I'm blogging because I hate talking about myself and that includes what/how I think and my reasoning process.

I hate talking about that stuff because issues are complex interactions of multiple components, many of which I understand somewhat intuitively, but I'm reduced to an incoherent stuttering fool when I try to translate that intuitive understanding into a verbal explanation.

I'll start explaining a complex  issue and my thought process, and recursively follow rabbit holes as I try to explain the interacting components, and eventually, after about 3 or so of these, forget what I was originally talking about and freeze.

I find writing about this stuff helps me organize my thoughts, since I at least follow through from intuition to explanation at least once, which is a step I have skipped in the past.

So this is about me improving as a communicator, especially in areas that tend to trip me up.

It's also a place for me to make fart jokes about tragic gas well leaks, and express my somewhat jaundiced view of the intersection of science, technology, society and politics.

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