Just who is this shit for and why did it pop up in my amazon items to consider list thingy?

Look, when Barry Soetoro finally rounds all of you up and christens the grand opening of the FEMA re-education camps with the blood of the current republican majority, I think they'll remember to take your wallet at the door.

God preppers are morons.

Jesus, it gets worse!  That's literally twice as much as my brand new couch cost.   And the best part, the page is a PNG screenshot of text, so it can't be selected and pasted.  I was going to mention the shipping options (discreet cardboard boxes, so you don't advertize to their neighborhood that you're dangerously unstable), and free scheduled freight delivery for orders over 500 lbs.

If there's anything any rational human being would be buying, it's more than 500 lbs of dehydrated garbage at once. 

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