Yay, ID theft!

So I noticed a recurring charge on a credit card bill to lynda.com that I don't remember making.   I disputed the charges as soon as I noticed them, but since I tend to do autopayments, about 5 of them had gone through.

They returned the money at least.

Today, since the holidays are finally behind us, I gave lynda.com a call to track it down.   Turns out an account was opened on 7/19 (a day I remember very vividly).

Whoever snakybysyl@hotmail.com, you can go fuck yourself.  If I find out who you are, I will slit your throat, even if I have to drive to Cincinnati to do it.

Now 7/19 was the final day of our major equipment relocation and expansion project.  I was in Lebanon, OH, working 14 hour days in a loud, cold datacenter trying to get our big Cray machine online and ready to turn over to users for acceptance testing.

Now7/19 was our last day there.  We spent every available minute at the site, working with the hardware, only for it to EPO (emergency power off) due to misconfigured fan controllers just as we were on our way out (so no pressure, literally...)

Anyway, we left, got to the airport, and flew to Detroit metro.  In Detroit, our full plane, had fuel, had a service crew, but had no pilot (seems Delta doesn't think far enough in advance to know that planes they oversell need pilots to fly them).

My coworker found a flight to Philadelphia, and so we opted to fly there, and drive the 5 hours from Philly to Albany.   We landed at midnight and arrived between 5 and 6 am.

I remember 7/19 very vividly, and at no point was in any position to sign up for an online educational video subscription.

So now the card is cancelled, and a new one is en route.  I really didn't want to have to go through this again, but it looks like I'll be scrutinizing purchase histories for the next few days.

To be fair to lynda.com, they immediately flagged the account as fraudulent when I contacted them, and I have no reason to believe that there was any malicious intent on their part. 

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