We've got thousands of these fucking things, amounting to tens of thousands of individual memory chips in the big machine and now I'm being held up by this:

ERROR: c7-0c2s11n3 - 372 - Node BIOS communication error

N1.C3.D0.R1: MemTest Failure!
N1.C3.D0.R1: B0:B3 = 0x0
N1.C3.D0.R1: B4:B7 = 0x1
N1.C3.D0.R1: ECC = 0x0
N1.C3.D0.R1: FPT strobe = 4!

 FaultNum:  2
 Type:      1
 Flags:     0x00
 CodeMajor: 0x30
 CodeMinor: 0x1C
 ApicId:    0x00
 CpuNum:    0
 Timestamp: 03/09/2016  01:52:56
 LogData:   0x01030001

 LineNum:  8929
 FileName: s:\alh\workareas\hsw_up02_patch\GrantleySocketPkg\Library\MemoryQpiInit\Mem\InitMem.C

A warning has been logged! Warning Code = 0x30, Minor Warning Code = 0x1C, Data = 0x1030001
S1 Ch3 DIMM0 Rank1

Warning upgraded to Fatal Error!
(ANC) c7-0c2s11 log # rlogin: connection closed.

1 Fucking DIMM out of 17000! 

And I still have to finish installing the management software, apply about 8 updates to the various firmwares, and then install another 10 or so security fixes.

And I've been at it for 14 hours already.


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