I think I've run into a bit of a plateau therapy-wise.  I've been at the point where I thought I was ready to bring others into my life, like I'm finally able to sympathize (a word I've had trouble even pronouncing in the past), empathize, etc.

Now the problem is that I can't seem to see the forest for the trees.  Or more specifically, my therapist will establish a hypothetical situation, and since I'm now so averse to jumping to conclusions, I tend to want to establish context so I can make the correct emotional response.

So what is happening?  Am I hitting a plateau, or am I in the type of phobia exposure therapy an ophidiophobic would go though confronting snakes?  Next meeting, I need to ask, because pondering the options isn't really helping anymore.

On the bright side, the anxiety is still at bay, and since that was the biggest obstacle in my career advancement, it's a good thing that's gone.

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