The hoops I jump through to avoid this shit.
  • I am Linux based.  Bare metal OS is openSUSE Leap 42.1
  • For Windows 7, I run it in a KVM virtual machine.  The storage are LVM volumes on top of a RAID 5 array powered by this guy (and yes, I have the cache battery).
  • Windows update is completely disabled.  The update service is turned off.
  • When I do make a system change, such as updating the video drivers, I snapshot the volume at the LVM level.   Windows 7 is completely unaware of the snapshots.
  • I also periodically snapshot the running VM, and do a block by block copy of the LVM volume to an equivalently sized backup volume (currently both are 700GB).  This takes 50 minutes or so.   The offline backup is my last resort if Microsoft somehow manages to breach my defenses and push windows 10 on my machine.
  • My laptop is a retina macbook pro, late 2013.
Maybe one of these days I'll detail my virtualization adventures, and how one might be able to shove 2 pci-e x16 GPUs (from different vendors), a pci-e x8 SAS card into a single socket system, and still have some lanes free for USB3 controllers...

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