Just Cause

Just picked up Just Cause 3.  It seems ok so far, none of the excessive cut scene nonsense that MGS5 imposes on the viewer.

Anywho...the reason I'm bringing it up is JC3 did something very, very good.   On Playstation 4, most games need to be installed to the internal hard drive before play.  JC3, is no exception, but there is a mini-island sandbox (Boom Island) that one can play while the install is underway.

This isn't actually new.  The Corel Linux installer had a playable solitaire game that would run as the OS was installing.

I wish more games would do something like this.  Most games have an initial tutorial level where the controls are explained.  If this could be playable while the main game is installing, it would be a wonderful improvement.   It's technically possible, now more studios need to do it.

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