Outage Day!

Hooray!  It's finally our planned maintenance period.  On my list for today:

  • Upgrade our big Cray's management software.
  • Install security patch sets on the big Cray and the external login machines.
  • Upgrade the batch software on the big Cray
  • Configure our production scratch space to be mountable on our small test/development Cray.
  • Assist others on my team as needed.
We have a great deal of hardware repair that is being completed by on site personnel between my first two bullet points.  It's going to be a fairly long day.   I've got the rest pretty much done, so I'm waiting for the hardware work to be finished.

Low risk, though.  Thankfully. 

And if everything else outside of my own individual list goes well, then we'll eliminate many of the little headaches we've been dealing with for the past 6 months or so.

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