Those who know me in real life might wince at the title.   However, in this case I'm referencing the main character of Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano.

The reason for this is, it's okay to start liking Boston Dynamics again!

Google's parent company Alphabet wants to sell Boston Dynamics, the firm's robotics division, because it doesn't seem likely to generate solid revenue.
Of course it won't.  Not in the near term anyway.   Boston Dynamics is a pure research company that was largely funded by DARPA.  In fact, Alphabet (nee Google) rejected funding from the very same, which is how the venture was most likely to drive revenue.  They certainly aren't going to be crowding the sidewalks with humanoid robots that print and distribute google ads to pedestrians...

I don't think research into robotics will necessarily lead us to the future predicted in Player Piano.  But if we allow a company that derives its entire revenue stream from showing you things you don't want to see to drive the future of consumer technology, we'd end up living in The Zero Theorem.

And because it's not possible (or polite) to post anything about Boston Dynamics without including some sort of video. 

Careful there, don't want to make it resent humanity too strongly!

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