Roger was right

Robert Ebeling, one of the engineers who warned of problems with the space shuttle Challenger, has died.

This is a man who was haunted by the ghosts of the people we lost for 30 years.   The NPR story was absolutely heartbreaking.  He blamed himself for the tragedy, and the response to that NPR report was finally able to put him at ease.
I asked him one more question. "What would you like to say to all the people who have written you?"
"Thank you," he said. "You helped bring my worrisome mind to ease. You have to have an end to everything."
Ebeling then smiled, raised his hands above his head and clapped again. Kathy Ebeling called that a miracle.
This man is a hero for sounding the warning.  He bears no responsibility for the decisions of the launch manager to proceed despite the danger.

And I am happy he was able to die in peace; not tortured by his inability to stop the launch of the Challenger.

Rest in peace, Bob, you've earned it.

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