As I confessed in my "Cows coming home to roost' post, I love malaphors, and to a lesser extent, malapropisms in general (There's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise).   Also any related tropes.

So this might inform why I come up with such bizarre titles at times.I do try to make the [mixed-]metaphor[-gotten] fit the underlying situation described in the post.   I'm certain that the daily Chrome on Macintosh visitor knows this already.  For the others, here are some explanations of recent titles and how they actually relate to the post content they describe.

  • The cows are coming home to roost: A malaphor to describe a website that collects the same.  Pretty simple
  • All those moments will be lost, like a jumbuck in a tucker bag: Juxtaposition of content from the famous Roy Batty speech in Blade Runner and the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda, to describe a mission in a video game that is a mashup of the same two works.
  • Bringing a knife to a dumpster fire:  Certain individuals lack the tools to handle a dangerous situation properly.
  • Removing all doubt: The apocryphal Mark Twain quote: It is better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. In context it refers to Justice Thomas' breaking of a decade long obstinate refusal to ask any questions from the bench during oral arguments.
  • Toecutter sought for questioning: A reference to the main antagonist in the first Mad Max movie, which is the most fair and accurate portrayal of your average motorcycle enthusiast that has been made to date. In context it refers to a stabbing at a Denver motorcycle show, which is to be expected because: motorcyclists.
  • Grasshopper, meet octopus:  A reference to Philip Fry's speech to Leela during the Futurama episode My Three Suns.  In context it is referring to the specific doomsday prepper as the grasshopper, and how his non-threatening jovial appearance when combined with is camouflage ammo bib would be a hit of pure pathos, were the premise behind the whole prepper movement not so hilariously misguided.  The ridiculousness of Fry's monologue is a reflection of the absurdity of the entire farce. 
  • Somewhat Unique:  Uniqueness is an absolute.  The post calls out an oxymoron, so the title is one as well.  I manage to work the lyrics to toto's africa into that one as well.
  • I've seen this movie: Reference to Bay's shitfest Armageddon.  About Zuckerberg's plan to write an AI, and how that always goes so well in the movies.   Since then I've seen Avengers: Age of Ultron in which Jarvis is weaponized against the eponymous team of heros, so even Zuck's reference illustrates how bad an idea it is.
  • Wheels within wheels:  This is a fairly well known idiom expressing complexity.  I tend to use it to indicate a nonsense conspiracy theory, or at least that's how they tell me to use it, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, it's also probably the only bible reference I'll ever use.
  • Even a blind acorn sometimes finds a hog: Malaphor for sometimes a blind squirrel eventually finds an acorn.  In context it's the hog/squirrel is Judge Rodney Gilstrap of the US Court of Appeals for the District of East Texas, a venue notorious for patent trolling litigation.  This particular judge had never ordered any excessively prolific plaintiff to pay the defense fees of defendants before.
  • WOLVERINES: A reference to the 1984 movie Red Dawn which certain segments of the population appear to be living in.
Some day I'll manage to work this one in:

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