Working backwards to the Witcher 3.

Let's start here:

The Cheese is a minor god who is worshipped by the Tyromancers. According to Wowbagger, the Cheese isn't a particularly powerful god, his only powers being the ability to send out cheese dreams and divinity. At some point, he tried to kill Wowbagger at Wowbagger's request. He tried to kill him with a cheese fondue, which failed but made him lactose intolerant.

(did he also burn the roof of his mouth? that always happens with fondue)

Anyway this was one of the links in a Google search for tyromancer.  Which followed a Google search for spanish cheese, because I can't recall ANY cheese associated with Spain (my most severe shortcoming as a person, I know).

Anyway.  Here we have turophile, which I suspect may be a typo of tyrophile, though both earn the squiggly red underlining in the composition pane.

And why did I bother with tyromancer?  In The Witcher 3, there is a quest that involves a "cheese wizard."  Turns out it's probably a real, if bizarre, thing.

So while I remain frightfully ignorant of the plethora of cheeses Spain has to offer, and least I learned some arcane fact from playing a video game.

(on a side note, I have very mixed feelings about The Witcher 3, but that can wait until later)

Edit: TW3 also mentions oneiromancy in another quest.  I didn't find this one quite as bizarre as tyromancy.

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