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I never noticed!

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There is a reason I harbor such animosity towards the people who live west of Buffalo and east of San Francisco.  I grew up in upstate NY, and have family members in some of the more rural areas that basically fit the description outlined here.

The problem isn’t “coastal elites don’t understand rural Americans.” The problem is rural America doesn’t understand itself and will NEVER listen to anyone outside their bubble. It doesn’t matter how “understanding” you are, how well you listen, what language you use…if you are viewed as an outsider, your views are automatically discounted. 

Beyond the intense tribalism, there's a disdain for education and expertise.

At some point during the discussion, “That’s your education talking,” will be said, derogatorily, as a general dismissal of everything I said. They truly believe this is a legitimate response because to them education is not to be trusted. 

This is why the government schools canard is a berserk button for me.  I've written about education before. I see its purpose as teaching people what the don't know, and when it's dismissed so completely and easily, it leaves people with no way of knowing whose expertise is legitimate, and who's a charlatan.

So I agree with the author of the Raw Story piece.  It's not up to "coastal elites" like me to understand fly-over country.  It's up to fly-over country to perform some introspection and return to objective reality; something they're completely incapable of.

We "coastal elites" already understand rural America; we're just incompatible with it.

More on the imminent pigfucking tour.

Alex Shephard over at TNR has written probably the best paragraph about the malignant narcissist's (my humblest and sincerest apologies to Rush) desire for a permanent campaign mode.

Donald Trump, a man who has a very short attention span and requires instant gratification more or less constantly, loves campaigning because he has a very short attention span and requires instant gratification more or less constantly. His strategy of doing lots of big rallies and not much else, though criticized throughout the campaign, was seemingly vindicated by his Electoral College win. And just as Trump has no intention of giving up control of his businesses, he has no intention of giving up his rallies either, maybe because he believes they are the key to his success and maybe because he is a petulant narcissist and maybe both. 

He also makes a very salient point that I haven't seen anywhere else yet.

Continuing to do rallies also creates what could be a major problem for Trump as president. He has previously hinted that his campaign promises emerged from the effect that they had on the crowds, telling The New York Times editorial board, “You know, if it gets a little boring, if I see people starting to sort of, maybe thinking about leaving, I can sort of tell the audience, I just say, ‘We will build the wall!’ and they go nuts.” In order to please 10,000 people at a rally, Trump could inadvertently do any number of things—make new policies, sink markets, start a conflict abroad. This is why campaigning and governing are kept separate; merging them, as Trump plans to do, will be a disaster. 

It's been nice knowing ya...please sweep up when the world starts burning.



The Masturbation Begins

Quick, somebody kidnap Ivanka and send her severed pinky to the Donald!  That way, we can turn his so-called "victory lap" into a swing-state pigfucking tour.

President-elect Donald Trump will begin a "Thank You Tour" on Thursday in Cincinnati, replicating the arena events that powered his surprise campaign, three of his transition officials said.

I wrote about this before (hence the pigfucking).  So the fact that this double-chinned child molester is embarking on what will be the first of many rally tours doesn't surprise me at all.  What does surprise me is what's in the very next paragraph.

The Republican has credited his rallies as a central component of his victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The events at times drew tens of thousands of people and were often broadcast live and in their entirety on cable news networks, affording him a practically unfiltered channel to voters.

I don't have cable, so I was completely unaware that this was the case.  This is a serious problem. 


My office, along with the offices of my team mates, are going to be renovated early next month.  New paint, LED lighting, new carpeting, new furniture layout and new ceiling tiles.

This is going to be great!

(and yes, I have an office.   With four walls and a door.)

EDIT:  They just came to measure the metaphorical drapes for my office renovation.  I have a sit-stand desk, which I'm keeping.  They're going to (finally) remove the second desk, which does nothing but take up space.  They'll also replace my now too worn to erase whiteboard, with a glass one (sweet!). 

Sadly, though, my cork board, which I use, is going to be trashed.  Apparently, the corporate overlord is going for a modern look, some are being replaced with stainless steel panels with magnetic tacks, but I won't be getting one of those. 

I'll have to get some of that poster putty.

Shoot this motherfucker in the head


The day flag burning is outlawed is the day the flag should be burned.  Right now, burning the flag is meaningless as a form of protest, precisely because it's a constitutionally protected act.  It's not like fucking dead babies in the middle of times square or anything.


Irony dolefully facepalms

Then goes all Kurt Cobain on itself with a shotgun.
Donald Trump will meet with retired Gen. David Petraeus on Monday as he continues to whittle down his list for secretary of state, according to Bloomberg.
Petraeus oversaw U.S. military operations in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama before resigning in disgrace in 2012. The retired general struck a plea deal requiring two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine for sharing classified documents with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, with whom he was having an affair. 
Let me get this straight.  You can have plead guilty to criminally mishandling of classified materials, and you're just fine as Secretary of State? 

I seem to remember the handling of classified materials, particular by the Secretary of State as being a pretty major issue for the past year.    And the Butthole-with-bad-hair is considering this guy for that post?


I don't get it

How can I be so inept as to make it impossible for a woman to find me attractive? 

My Mother Weaves

Tears.   Just tears.

And god damn, Ashley, if you're not ok, then the universe is fucked.

It really makes me angry that we live in a world that can be so cruel.   And this podcast made me lose it.
I want the world to be a better place.  And I don't want to hurt that effort anymore.

there is a crack in everything

that's how the light gets in.

--Leonard Cohen (Anthem)

Dylan, Waters, Waits, Cohen.  They all sound like me trying to sing, but damn, can they write!  I'm not really familiar with Leonard Cohen's oeuvre, but from what I've heard in the past few days, I'm much the poorer for it.


I'm in love

IT'S HERE!  And this shitty phone pic doesn't do justice to its beauty.

 (to be clear, it's the one on the right)

The finish is breathtaking in person.  The dealer pictures did a good job showing the contrast between the black and green, but in person....in person...

Fit and finish are perfect. 

The B string is EPIC!  The pickups are very, very hot, about twice as loud as the jazz bass on the left, and I can't get a bad sound out of it.  It even makes my little hartke practice amp sound wonderful.

This thing is made of pure, concentrated awesomeness. 

Big props to The Bass Place.  They did a fantastic job packaging the bass (not to mention setting it up). 

EDIT: Her name is Adele


Yep, 'bout that commuting plan

The Washington Post confirms what I had suspected about Trumps plan to be a part-time, commuting President.

A single presidential visit costs the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the city’s airports, $100,000 to pull off. With repeated, regular trips, price tags, delays and frustrations will scale up, quickly. When Air Force One — which costs about $236,000 per hour to fly when fully loaded with pilots, passengers, security, gear and fuel — arrives at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the tarmac will be frozen for at least 15 minutes before it lands. That short delay will reverberate through the extremely crowded airspace over New York. And whenever Trump travels, hundreds of people will move with him. The NYPD will be on the hook for hundreds of hours’ worth of overtime each week.

The security measures are even now having a negative impact on the surrounding businesses, with one store across the street having to close mid-day due to lack of traffic, and a nearby fancy Italian restaurant already seeing a decline in sales.  They are also every bit as disruptive to the building's tenants and visitors that I imagined.

From now until the end of Trump’s presidency, everyone who enters and exits the building will have to be vetted by the Secret Service, even if the Trumps aren’t there. At the very least, their names will be run through agency threat databases. The service will want to inspect every package that goes into the building and will insist that staffers — at every shop, restaurant and residence — be scanned with a hand-held magnetometer, which detects hidden metal. When Trump is there, all of their personal effects will probably be checked by bomb-detection dogs, too.

All because some big baby is homesick.  



I'm an elitist for the simple reason that I know "things" about "stuff."  Somehow that's become a liability.  I'd better get contacts before they start slaughtering all of us intellectuals for wearing glasses.

This post brought to you by the sunniest optimism made possible by my now blurry vision.

Wait Wait

Is being absolutely brutal on Trump and Bannon.  It's wonderful, but the now imminent CPB defunding fight won't be.


Black Mirror

As usual, I'm a little late to the party, but Black Mirror on Netflix has been a real mindfuck.  I brought  it up a couple of days ago wondering whom we would need to kidnap in order to make Trump fuck a pig on live tv (frankly, there are 2 answers: Melania, Ivanka and Tiffany; and just dress it in one of Melania's dresses and put a wig on it)...

Anyway, I just heard the second funniest line ever:  "Try and ignore Len.  He's the only guy on Earth whose aim is so bad he could shit his own pants and miss."

The dead babies and Passover still wins, but god damn, that's a sick burn.

Am I Right?

If Zuckerberg had any love of anything other than his own wallet, Facebook would voluntarily stay out of the news business. 


So this happened

Google made one of my dreams come true.


It's Google Earth VR, and the intro broke me.  I found myself looking down at the planet from a low orbit, and I just burst into tears.  With the lead-in, it's really powerful.  I'm otherwise speechless.

It gets even better.  The stuff in the Capitol Region is mostly 3d-modelled.   I found myself above Colonie, on my hands and knees, looking at cars (3d modeled) in a parking lot.  Off in the distance I could see Empire State Plaza, but as I was making my way to my house, I kicked the power cord out of the VR headset.

Still, this is AMAZING!!


Is it gauche to bring your own chopsticks to a Japanese restaurant?


This philistine has so much gold in the background, you can barely make out the candlestick he's shoving up his own ass.



Remember when I wrote this?

...like a fas-phocomelic-child-of-baroque-and-rococo-design exploded everywhere; drenching everything in gold, pink marble, and plenty of shiny trinkets & baubles of no function other than to take a long time for the maid to keep free of dust. 


  • Gold: check
  • Pink Marble: check
  • Useless Baubles: check
For my next trick, I predict that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning, and that water will remain wet.

Here she is

Green isn't my favorite color, but god damn, is this a thing of beauty!

I've wanted one of these for years, so now that we have 4 months until the global economy crashes, I figured I'd splurge.

Also, speaking of things of beauty:*

I ran into one of the most attractive girls in my high school class today at lunchtime (I went to a local supermarket for lunch), and WOW, has time been kind to her!

She hasn't aged a second in the 17 years it's been since I've seen her last, and that's fantastic (for her and her family).   She's one of the people that had always treated me with respect, but such respect I was incapable of recognizing, as I've mentioned in a previous post (sadly, I wasn't cogent enough to apologize to her for suspecting bad intentions at worst, or being patronizing at best.  At the time, I was just so shocked to have run into my former classmates that my mind went blank).

So Heather, best wishes! I hope your life is everything you ever wanted it to be (and I honestly mean that).

(This particular girl** lived about 1/8 of a mile from me as we were in school; right around the corner.   We never had contact outside of school functions, however)

*Heather is not a "thing."   She is a beautiful human being.

**Likewise, she's not a "girl."   She is a successful high-school teacher with agency, and control of her own life.  It is sadly my instinct to refer to anybody my age or younger as a "girl" by default.

A bit of light shines in the dark universe

openSUSE Leap 42.2 has arrived!
Members of the openSUSE Project are pleased to announce the release of the next minor version of Leap; openSUSE Leap 42.2! Leap is made to give stability-minded users and conservative technology adopters peace of mind. openSUSE Leap 42.2 is powered by the Linux 4.4 Long-Term-Support (LTS) kernel and is a secure, stable and reliable server operating system for deploying IT services in physical, virtual or cloud environments.
They're still using btrfs with snapper enabled by default,  which isn't necessarily a good thing, unless you like running out of disk space often.  But there's stuff to like in there too (and there's nothing poke-yoke about that).

Palate Cleanser

In other news, PZ has a wonderful write-up of the first clinical trials of CRISPR/Cas9 genetic therapy.  Go read it! (I mean, the dude's a biology professor, so clearly communicating complex biology is his day job)


Sorry, there will be politics, and lot's of it for a while. 

Amused to Death

Petty and vindictive.  From NYT's rolling record of transition turmoil.
A senior Republican House staff member says the Trump transition team is looking to fill many lower- and midlevel national security and counterterrorism jobs with Capitol Hill staffers who already have the security clearances that can otherwise take months to obtain.

While this happens to some extent after every election, this aide says poaching is likely to be even greater this time around because Team Trump has blacklisted so many Republicans who signed “Never Trump” letters during the campaign season.

The hunt on Capitol Hill could strip valuable expertise from House and Senate foreign relations, armed services, intelligence and homeland security committees — panels that figured to be a check on Trump administration policies in these areas.
A commenter on one of the other articles pointed out how much more likely another 9-11 style attack will be if this type of arrogance continues.  If you're blacklisting people because Jared is butthurt about his daddy, or somebody didn't like you enough to want you to run for President; you're most certainly not going to treat the outgoing administration's assessment of world threats seriously.

Remember: August 6th PDB: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.

What is unfolding now is actually very scary.  Hilarious, but scary.  I repeat, it was obvious that this is how things were going to play out, but the problem is there will be consequences.

This will end well.

This outcome was blatantly obvious to anybody with 2 brain cells within rubbing distance of each other.

The dismissals followed the abrupt firing on Friday of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who was replaced as chief of the transition by Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Mr. Kushner, a transition official said, was systematically dismissing people like Mr. Rogers who had ties with Mr. Christie. As a federal prosecutor, Mr. Christie had sent Mr. Kushner’s father to jail.

So now we know the real reason Christie was dismissed.  Bridgegate was just a smoke screen.   And Rogers, Trump disliked the conclusion the House Intelligence Committee reached regarding the attacks in Benghazi.

And then this:

Rebekah Mercer, the scion of a powerful family of conservative donors and a member of Mr. Trump’s executive transition committee, has said in conversations with Republican operatives and previous administration officials that she was having trouble finding takers for posts at the under secretary level and below, according to a person familiar with her outreach efforts. She told them that the transition team was more than a month behind schedule and on a tight timeline.

It's absolutely no surprise that a man so intensely petty and self-obsessed would handle things this way.  The fact he's letting his son-in-law do the same is shocking, though.  Loyalty is the only thing that matters, and they're running out of loyal people.


You don't bring dead babies to Passover

(sorry but that title is only tangentially related to this post)

If we want to try and relate what we're going through to some fictional sci/fi univers, then I think Lexx is probably the best fit.

Given the sheer absurdity of what has happened in the past year, it's clear that we're definitely the dark universe as portrayed in the 4th season.

We now have Priest and Bunny about to enter the White House.  Except the real-life Priest is dumber, and Bunny is less-hot.

The only question is who is Prince?  The reason I ask is Trump is too stupid to even be a puppet, so who would other bother trying to control him?


I finally bought that G&L M-2500 I've wanted for the past 5 years.  Pics later.

Another good reason to stay away from facebook

The main reason I'm not on facebook is that I don't want them siphoning up my personal information for their own profit.  There's another reason, however, and it is an even better one.
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Donald J. Trump’s supporters were probably heartened in September, when, according to an article shared nearly a million times on Facebook, the candidate received an endorsement from Pope Francis. Their opinions on Hillary Clinton may have soured even further after reading a Denver Guardian article that also spread widely on Facebook, which reported days before the election that an F.B.I. agent suspected of involvement in leaking Mrs. Clinton’s emails was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

There is just one problem with these articles: They were completely fake.
Research is hard; confirmation bias is easy.  That's the problem with how facebook presents news stories to users.  

First stories are recommended based on their popularity with those in one's orbit (or whatever the fuck the network of facebook facebook friends is called).  This creates ideological bubbles, where conflicting information is less likely to appear.

Second there is financial incentive in creating articles that will be shared widely, regardless of their veracity.
It’s also why, according to a report in BuzzFeed News, a bunch of young people in a town in Macedonia ran more than a hundred pro-Trump websites full of fake news. Their fabricated article citing anonymous F.B.I. sources claiming Hillary Clinton would be indicted, for example, got more than 140,000 shares on Facebook and may well have been viewed by millions of people since each share is potentially seen by hundreds of users. Even if each view generates only a fraction of a penny, that adds up to serious money.
And facebook has no mechanism for determining which stories are true and which are completely made up.  That's a problem.

It's a problem because according to this study (NYT link is broken), 44% of people get their news from facebook, though probably not solely through facebook.

Combine this with the demographic ideological polarization, and we have a recipe for what happened last week.

Stay Classy Trump Followers


Shane Michael Stanton was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and placed on indefinite suspension from the university, according to court records and reports from the Lantern, the student newspaper.
Of course this will be received in some circles as behavior to emulate.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if somebody protesting at UT Austin gets shot within the next few days.

EDIT:  To add.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that student Brittany Daughenbaugh has told police that she was out for a walk and playing Pokemon Go on Thursday evening when she was accosted by two men who grabbed her by the arm.

“While these men were making the decision to violate my being, they were laughing and shouting,” Daughenbaugh wrote in a Facebook post.

“Don’t you worry, honey,” one attacker allegedly told her. “President Trump says this is OK.”

They then proceeded to punch her in the face and knock her to the ground, where she blacked out after her head hit the pavement.

Why I use an iPhone.

Because "Android Security" is an oxymoron.
WASHINGTON — For about $50, you can get a smartphone with a high-definition display, fast data service and, according to security contractors, a secret feature: a backdoor that sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours.

Good News Everyone!

I've lost about 20 lbs in the past few months!  I'm not thin, but I definitely weigh less than at this time last year.  In fact, I fit into pants with a smaller waist size than I would typically wear, and the larger ones now feel like I'm wearing a tent.


He's got a point

It's batshit, but I do think that the country would be well-served by a friendly press pool.

I mean "Senior White House Correspondent Alex Jones" has such a lovely ring to it.

Here we go

Oh lord.  This guy actually thinks he can jet set around on the taxpayer's dime.  I actually don't really care where he spends most of his time, as long as he has the communication tools present and readily available to handle emergencies (and this will very likely be the case).  I'm not too happy with the idea of Air Force One becoming a regularly-used taxi, and I'm pretty sure regular Presidential landings at civilian airports will be very disruptive (that said, there are probably military bases that can accommodate the traffic, so it's the cost that bothers me more than travel disruption of civilians).

What really bothers me is this:
Returning home to Trump Tower from the White House may not be Mr. Trump’s only embrace of the familiar. His aides say he has also expressed interest in continuing to hold the large rallies that were a staple of his candidacy. He likes the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide, and his aides are discussing how they might accommodate his demand.
This guy is a child who gets to eat candy for breakfast every day.  It was appropriate to do that while campaigning, because of the nominal value the rally had as a campaign event; but this is masturbation, pure and simple.

Now who do I have to kidnap to blackmail this asshole into fucking a pig on live tv? 

EDIT: A thought occurs: How might the tenants of Trump tower appreciate the security requirements of frequent Trump visits?  Especially the commercial ones.  I think they might not like their customers to be harassed at Secret Service checkpoints (not to mention the employees).

So while my last problem was one of logistics, this is more practical, and I really don't think anybody has the right to be so disruptive of others, just because they're homesick, no matter how big a baby they are.

Maybe I was a bit premature

It's been a dark few days, but after having some time to think about it, I'm probably better off if I don't give this up.

Not that I have any audience to speak of, and I'm pretty sure the 4-6 views a day I get are bots, but as they say in Trump's native Austriaso geht die Welt.

So I'm going to continue barfing out my cynicism, because it seems to be the only way I can remain sane.

Venting is bad, if it becomes obsessive, but I'm thinking that not expressing oneself at all is worse.  Sometimes we need to rant about something to release endorphins, but that can become dangerous when one gets stuck in a cycle where the venting actually feeds into an obsessive need to vent on an issue.

And besides, I do actually like to try and come up with the most obscure, intricate, sesquipedalian way to express what may well be a very vulgar idea.


so I lied

The best women ever:

  • Mom
  • Mom
  • Jennifer Whitehead
  • Crystal MacKee
  • Tina Lafountain
  • Heather Brandt
  • Kelly Hogan
  • Darcy Mullen 
  • Mom
  • Jennifer Aliff
  • Jen Timm
  • All of them
All of them.  

Thank you, mom.



The best thing ever

"Oh you're blind," spitting it as she spat his blindness at him every day, that and "Kadavergehorsamkeit," a beautiful word he can no longer imagine in any voice but hers...


As the title suggests, I'm going to get a bit creepy, and I apologize.

Out there in the wild is an incredible woman; an author, talented musician, and all around wonderful person.

If I could ever make a woman this happy, I think I could actually live with myself:

Now, to come clean, reason #1 I'm bringing this up is just look her!

Whomever is behind that smile, you're a better man than I.


I'm a fucking failure.  I've been pretending to be useful, or happy, or just not so fucking depressed, but it's useless.  I look at myself in the mirror, and I can't believe how worthless I am. 

I want, wanted to be happy.  That will never happen.  I thought for a moment that I could have a real life.  One where there's somebody waiting for me to come home at night, or where I'm waiting for her...

And so now I find myself at the bottom of yet another bottle.  Not that it helps things.  Just makes them worse.

So I'll vote tomorrow.  And then I'll probably fuck off.

I hate myself

This sucks.

I am a fuckup.  

I'm also really scared.  Yes, I'm chickenshit.  I just want this all to be over.

I want my mommy. 



Find your polling place.

This site also lists ballot information, which will vary depending on where in the country you reside.

I'm in New York (state), where electoral fusion is still a thing, and my ballot looks a bit weird.  I count nine political parties that have cross-endorsed candidates, though not all parties have endorsed for all races.  The parties are:
  • Democratic Party (center left)
  • Republican Party (far right)
  • Green Party (left)
  • Working Families Party (left)
  • Women's Equality Party (left)
  • Independence Party (center)
  • Reform party (right)
  • Conservative party (far right)
  • Libertarian party (far right)
For the most part, the left-leaning parties endorse the Democratic candidate and the right-leaning parties the Republican, which makes intuitive sense.

The strange thing is happening far down the ballot in the state and city level races.
  • NY Supreme court: Democratic candidate endorsed by Conservative party.  This is the only minor party endorsement in this race.
  • City council: Democratic candidate endorsed by conservative party, and the Republican candidate is endorsed by the Independence party.
At NY State Senate level, the Republican candidate has the endorsement of both the far-right conservative party and centrist Independence party.  I think this is a case of name recognition, and the Independence party is looking for the 50,000 votes needed to be granted automatic ballot access.

The city council and supreme court endorsements give me pause.  I really don't like the endorsement of right wing parties, and I hope it's just a strategy to gain ballot access, rather than a hint as to the ideological orientation of the candidate.

Other than that oddness, I happen to like electoral fusion.  I can vote Green, or Working Families if I want, and not throw my vote away on some yahoo with no chance of holding office.



This is just stupid

Apparently it's a "thing" in New York City to flat-out lie about how many stories buildings have.  And guess what, we have Donald "pin-her-arms-behind-her-back-while-ripping-clumps-of-hair-out-of-her-scalp" Trump to thank for that.

The money quote:

“My building looks a little small,”

That's what she said. (sorry, couldn't resist).

In 1979, as Mr. Trump inspected a model of the black-and-gold Fifth Avenue high-rise that would come to serve as his home, office, fortress and personal monument, he could find only one flaw to spoil the moment: the General Motors building, which, in real life, was 41 feet higher and a few blocks away from the future Trump Tower.

So what did this teen-pageant-dressing-room-in-barger do about it?  Only the stupidest thing I think I've ever heard of.

Though the tower was built with 58 floors, Mr. Trump later explained to The New York Times that because there was a soaring pink marble atrium and 19 commercial floors at the bottom, he could see no good reason not to list the first residential floor as the 30th floor. The pinnacle became the 68th — the height that appears in marketing materials, online search results and news articles to this day.

One good reason might be that the first residential floor is the 20th level of the building...Take it away, Kif.

And this particular bit of stupid was highly contagious.

The idea quickly caught on with other New York developers looking to sell condominiums of ever loftier height, status and, most important, price. By 1985, the year after Trump Tower opened, the developer Harry B. Macklowe had employed the same stratagem to turn his 67-story Metropolitan Tower into a 78-story skyscraper.

This is like a dick-measuring contest, where one contestant brags about his 30mm dick being bigger than the other's 4.5cm piece.  I get the marketing puffery angle, however stupid it remains, but it still boggles the mind that anybody could seriously be so insecure that they have to resort to such nonsense.  That a building a couple of blocks away is a mere 41 feet taller than the grabber-of-the-pussies', so he must find a way to say his is taller; reality be damned.

Though others do it, it seems Trump really, really loves to exaggerate the number of floors in his buildings.

Or take the Trump International Hotel and Tower, the hotel and residential building on Columbus Circle that was, pre-Trump, the 44-story Gulf & Western office building. Mr. Trump improved the structure so thoroughly that it managed to stretch into a 52-story tower, even though it stayed, strictly speaking, the same height.

Because new apartment buildings usually have lower ceilings than office buildings, Mr. Trump explained in 1994, the 583-foot building was about as tall as a conventional 60-story residential building.

They go on to suggest that claiming 52 stories is a sober act of restraint, because they could have just as easily claimed it was 60 stories high. And these examples are just two among many buildings with inflated floor counts.

This is just petty and stupid.  god, I really fucking hate this asshole.


Not far enough

California has the right idea: bullet control.
Under Proposition 63, ammunition purchasers would be treated similar to gun purchasers. Before a Californian could buy even a single bullet of any kind, he or she would need to pay a fee of up to $50 and wait up to 30 days to obtain a four-year permit.
This sounds pretty good to me, but there is a valid argument against it in its current form:  It doesn't contain a provision exempting law enforcement agencies.
Proposition 63 also does not include exemptions that the Legislature provided to allow police departments to continue purchasing ammunition freely for on-duty purposes, a mistake that will cost taxpayers.
That aside, this next argument is bullshit, and pretty much any argument of the same form should not be persuasive.
“All Proposition 63 seeks to do is pile on 34 more pages of more complex legalese on an already byzantine system of gun laws,” said Sean Brady, counsel for the Coalition for Civil Liberties.
And your point is? What does the length or complexity of language have to do with anything? It certainly does nothing to bolster the specious notion that restricted access to ammunition would make people less safe.

Fix the law enforcement provision and pass this sucker!