Not a good day.

On the surface, today was just like any other day, but then I went home.   On the way I stopped a Hannaford to pick up something for dinner, and some tonic water (yeah, you know what that's for--to cure the malaria I got when I prematurely visited my office during reservations--;)).

Anywho, this girl has always been a tomboy.  More than that, she belongs to one of those little-bit-country families that border actual civilization, but that isn't feral enough to summon the vampire hunters...

But to be honest, when we were tweens, I remember visiting her place, and she had satellite TV (we didn't even have cable), and it was cool!  She had the Disney channel (which kicked ass at that age).

Now to be clear, the house was closer to a double-wide than a McMansion.  And by closer I mean "was," but at that age....

Anyway.  I ran into this girl at the supermarket this afternoon, and I'm heartbroken.  She's always been "a Little bit country," and very much a tomboy, so romance was never on my radar.  She's friendly, and deserves whatever kindness she gives.

But she has MS, and having grown up with that in my family, I am absolutely heartbroken.  My grandmother had it, my uncle (her son) has it, and I'm scared I may roll the dice the wrong way on this one.  It's a horrifying disease.  Nothing more to say about it than that.

She has always been a tomboy, and now is out of the closet.  I really hope her girlfriend is up to the task.  MS is a devastating disease.  Nobody asks for it, and nobody should be punished for having it.

I've run into a handful of my former classmates over the last year, but this is just tragic.  I have a family history with MS, so I know what's in store.  Even though she was at best an acquaintance, I can't help but feel a big loss is at stake.

So Dena, hang in there!  Leave the biggest impact on those that you love, and never question yourself!


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