He cared enough to ask

WAMC is doing a science segment on Vox Pop and there was just a caller, Kelley from Schaghticoke.  His question was along the lines of "I've been reading some Sci-Fi novels lately, and my understanding is that gravity is because of spin.  If the planet is spinning it has gravity."

This is obviously wrong, but it's important to realize, he cared enough to ask!  That's what's important, it's not knowing, it's wanting to know

The answer was the standard bowling ball on a rubber sheet explanation of gravity, where mass is the reason for gravity. 

Kelley's response was something to the effect of "I'm glad I asked."

So kudos to Kelley (and I hope I'm not misspelling the name).  There's no shame in not knowing something, only shame in not caring that you don't know. 

This is why despite my frustration with my immediate locality, I generally like this area.  Our people may not know everything, but for the most part we recognize as much, and try improve our understanding of the way the world works. 

And while I didn't learn anything new about physics, I was reminded of why we're not all hopeless afterall.

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